Get Unique Displays and Awards with Us

There are few events in life as memorable as that moment when you are handed a trophy or award for something great that you have accomplished. Whether it is getting the highest score in your bowling league, receiving a participant trophy, or being handed a lifetime achievement plaque, the act of receiving an award is a moment you will never forget.

At Signs, Plaques and More, we would like to be a part of these memories by supplying special order displays and awards that you will be presenting to that someone special. There can be an award or trophy made for any accomplishment or victory, from the most esteemed presentations to the awards that you just give out for fun.

Here are a couple of events that could warrant a custom award:

Custom PlaqueWork Anniversaries

These days, it can be rare to find someone who has spent most of their working career with one company, so when an employee hits a major milestone, like their 25-year anniversary, it should be recognized and celebrated. We can make a customized plaque that will make this milestone much more spectacular with the employee’s face, name and dates worked engraved on it. We can even make a plaque to recognize former employees or notable members of your organization who may have passed that you want to remember forever.

Fantasy Football Champion

To some, fantasy football is sometimes more important than work, and those fictional pigskin champions deserve an award when they win the season. Give us the winner’s name and the details of the contest and we can create an epic trophy that they won’t soon forget. We can even make a custom trophy for your league that can be passed between champions – or the last place team – year after year.

Sports Trophies

Custom trophies are also perfect for your own personal sports tournaments. Let’s say you have a small bowling league or a neighborhood softball tournament. You could present a custom-made trophy or plaque for these events as well. People like having something to compete for and a custom award could be the perfect option for your group!

Whatever type of trophy you decide to create, create it with Signs, Plaques and More. We take pride in every award we design, and we are thrilled to make custom items that your teammates and coworkers will treasure forever. Give us a call at 757-463-5430 or complete our special order form to get your custom award started today.