Set a New Standard With Office Awards

The holiday season is full of merry-making and cheer – things that are great in our personal lives, just as much as they are in business. Spreading a sense of camaraderie and happiness among your employees can help to boost productivity and even spur a bit of friendly competition among different teams, boosting morale and productivity.

Employee of the MonthOne of the best ways to keep employees motivated and on-track is to offer incentive and rewards programs. You might already hand out “Great work” compliments here and there, but as you get ready for 2017, consider upping the bar and setting a new standard at your office.

Reward outstanding performance and achievement with unique awards from Signs, Plaques and More. Our inventory includes a wide selection of plaques, trophies and signs that can be the perfect way to recognize outstanding performance or achievements by individuals or departments at your company. Do you already designate an Employee of the Month? Why not add a special award board in the office to house photos or names of individuals that win this honor each month? Employees will feel a sense of pride that their hard work is being recognized and rewarded, and others will strive to do better in response. When everyone is working and striving to do their best, the company benefits!

It’s a fact that experiencing small achievements motivates individuals to achieve even more. Rewarding little victories here and there may lead to some big benefits down the line. It’s worth the effort for businesses to recognize these accomplishments from a productivity standpoint and to help keep your employees’ morale high.

Employees may be feeling tired and burned out at the end of the year. They’re looking forward to a nice break from work, family time and other activities that don’t involve the office. That’s why it’s so important to motivate them while they are working and reward them for their successes. Many companies offer sales and task completion goals – this would be a perfect opportunity to award a little trophy to the highest scorer!

There are endless options available when it comes to rewarding your employees this holiday season. Explore all of our different catalogs with great product options to add to your office or call us today at 757-463-5430 to learn more or to discuss a unique award for your business.

Celebrate the End of the Year With Awards

For many, the end of the year is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the previous 12 months. This year, celebrate your employees or the contributions of members in your group or organization with an award from Signs, Plaques and More that will show them how much you appreciate their work and effort.

End of Year AwardsIn the beginning of the year, some business set sales goals for their employees, with the winner receiving a bonus or award. Instead of just giving your top team members a gift certificate or piece of paper to recognize them, give them an award they can proudly display on their desk. An award or plaque goes much further than a piece of paper. Not only does a plaque last longer, but it also shows that you truly value what they do day in and day out for the company.

You could do the same with someone who has contributed a great deal to your charitable organization or group. They may not be bringing in a great deal of money like a salesperson, but their efforts and dedication are what helps keep your group or organization going and succeeding. By rewarding them with a plaque thanking them, you keep them motivated and feeling appreciated, showing them that you know that they’re an incredibly valuable member of your group and vital to its success.

Speaking of recognition, you could take the opportunity to acknowledge people who have been with the company or group for a long period of time at the end of the year as well. When an employee is with a business for a very long time – especially in today’s world – it is really something special. Recognize their long standing with your business or organization with an award or plaque from Signs, Plaques and More.

Learn more about ordering awards or plaques for your team and get more information on the different kinds of products available from Signs, Plaques and More by calling us today at 757-463-5430!

Thanksgiving Fun and Trophies

We don’t know about you, but our families tend to get a little competitive during the holidays. Whether there’s a flag football game going on or a friendly pie-baking contest, there’s always discussion around the table about winning the title of “best.” So this holiday season here at Signs, Plaques and More, we say embrace it and make it fun!

Thanksgiving AwardsIf your family loves to play a few games of football while the turkey finishes roasting, you can create a slew of custom trophies to celebrate the occasion. The youngest cousin of the family can take home the MVP trophy, while the uncle who scored the most touchdowns can take home the “Most Yards Run” plaque to hang back at home. You can make signs for the winning team to take home, or get a trophy that you battle for each Thanksgiving. The winning team gets bragging rights and can display the trophy for the rest of the year – until next November’s rematch, of course! You can even customize the trophies or plaques with your family name.

When it comes to desert, who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? Why not host a baking contest among the relatives and give the lucky winner the prize plaque to celebrate their pie-baking skills. Plus, everyone will have a blast taste testing all the delicious deserts, so everybody wins!

And we can’t forget about the host: for the man or woman who always hosts Thanksgiving dinner, don’t they deserve a “Best Host” award? You can customize a plaque to read anything you want, and then give the gift once the dinner table has been cleaned up. Have everyone sign a card and write a favorite memory of Thanksgiving hosted by Best Hosts and display it with the plaque!

The possibilities are endless with our plaques, signs and trophies. Learn more about the different options for your special awards online, or call us at 757-463-5430. The holidays are coming up fast, so call soon to get the unique award you need to celebrate the season!

Get Unique Displays and Awards with Us

There are few events in life as memorable as that moment when you are handed a trophy or award for something great that you have accomplished. Whether it is getting the highest score in your bowling league, receiving a participant trophy, or being handed a lifetime achievement plaque, the act of receiving an award is a moment you will never forget.

At Signs, Plaques and More, we would like to be a part of these memories by supplying special order displays and awards that you will be presenting to that someone special. There can be an award or trophy made for any accomplishment or victory, from the most esteemed presentations to the awards that you just give out for fun.

Here are a couple of events that could warrant a custom award:

Custom PlaqueWork Anniversaries

These days, it can be rare to find someone who has spent most of their working career with one company, so when an employee hits a major milestone, like their 25-year anniversary, it should be recognized and celebrated. We can make a customized plaque that will make this milestone much more spectacular with the employee’s face, name and dates worked engraved on it. We can even make a plaque to recognize former employees or notable members of your organization who may have passed that you want to remember forever.

Fantasy Football Champion

To some, fantasy football is sometimes more important than work, and those fictional pigskin champions deserve an award when they win the season. Give us the winner’s name and the details of the contest and we can create an epic trophy that they won’t soon forget. We can even make a custom trophy for your league that can be passed between champions – or the last place team – year after year.

Sports Trophies

Custom trophies are also perfect for your own personal sports tournaments. Let’s say you have a small bowling league or a neighborhood softball tournament. You could present a custom-made trophy or plaque for these events as well. People like having something to compete for and a custom award could be the perfect option for your group!

Whatever type of trophy you decide to create, create it with Signs, Plaques and More. We take pride in every award we design, and we are thrilled to make custom items that your teammates and coworkers will treasure forever. Give us a call at 757-463-5430 or complete our special order form to get your custom award started today.