Plaques and Awards – No. 1 Way to Recognize Your Employees

Employee AwardsAs we approach the close of the first quarter of the new year, it is important to think about everything that has been accomplished at your company – and how you got there. Of course, the answer is your employees. Your business would not run if it weren’t for the people on the front end and those behind the scenes who help make you successful and keep the doors open day after day. With that being said, it is incredibly important to recognize your employees for their hard work and dedication to your company.

In May 2015, WorldatWork completed a study and put together a report that showed that awards are the No. 1 way that employers recognize employees.

“Approximately half of the organizations reported a positive or extremely positive effect of recognition programs on employee engagement (54 percent), motivation (48 percent) and/or satisfaction (51 percent) when only one of the four programs is used.” (Source:

When the question was asked if an organization has recognition programs in place, the results have increased – from 84 percent in 2002 to 89 percent in 2015. For those that did not have a recognition system in place, the reasons varied from that such a program would be too challenging to administer, too costly to run, their company was not large enough or they were just not interested.

When awards are given out, there are a few standards when it comes to recognizing achievement that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Some of those items include plaques, certificates of achievement, cash, gift certificates, company logo merchandise or food.

Reward programs are seen as extremely effective by employees and only drive people to continue to work hard or even to work harder to be known as someone who is truly appreciated by the company and upper management. When you have your next management meeting – if you do not already have a recognition program in place – talk with your team about developing a way to single out those leaders of your pack and give them the appreciation that they deserve.

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