Display Cases & Shadow Boxes

Few things are more rewarding than being part of a team that comes together and earns a trophy for their accomplishments. For many schools, clubs and organizations, trophies are proud representations of their program and need to be on display for all to see.

Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Signs, Plaques & More offers a variety of trophy display cases for sale. Our cases protect your trophies from dust and other unwanted debris and keeps them in pristine condition for years.

In addition to trophy display cases, we offer shadow boxes for sale. Shadow boxes are used by our customers to display a variety of small keepsakes, including but not limited to jewelry, special coins, seashells and other cherished items. A shadow box will protect your keepsakes from damage and typical wear and tear, while also providing you with an opportunity to display items that are important to you for all to see.

Click on one of the items on the page for more information about that particular selection. If you have any questions or need help to select the right case for your needs, contact us or stop by our shop today.