Laser Engraved Plaques

From something as important as honoring an employee with years of service to something as fun as having a list of past winners of a fantasy football league, Signs, Plaques & More has provided countless customers with custom laser engraved plaques in the Virginia Beach area.

Not only are the plaques we make sturdy, durable and visually pleasing, they are versatile, as they can be hung or featured in many different places. Laser engraving is the most surefire way to have a flawless plaque since it does not involve a tool physically etching on the surface. Even more, it is a very affordable solution, is visible enough to read from distance, and is a fast process, meaning quick turnaround times.

We offer a wide variety of plaque and engraving options. You can visit our showroom in Virginia Beach for an up-close and personal look at the different options we provide, or of course, you can always call or email us with any questions you have.