Cast Bronze Plaques & Memorials

When you need a custom bronze plaque or some other type of custom memorial plaque, Signs, Plaques & More provides you with the items you need.

Custom plaques are a tasteful selection for a wide variety of occasions. For example, if an employee is retiring after a long stint at his or her workplace, or a company is looking to honor an employee some other sort of special contribution, a custom bronze plaque is a wonderful gift to present.

In addition, memorial plaques are wonderful for businesses or individuals to honor deceased persons that made a special contribution to the company or to their lives. It is a true memento that symbolizes the important role a particular individual had, and depending on what you have engraved, you can display their contributions for all to see.

For nearly 30 years, Signs, Plaques & More has provided individuals and businesses with the perfect custom keepsakes for their needs. We are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but we work with customers near and far. To learn more about our cast bronze plaques, memorial plaques or any other products, contact us today.