Oscars Aren’t the Only Awards this Season

The best actors, directors and writers of Hollywood aren’t the only ones who will be taking trophies home this season. Spring is the time of year when companies recognize successes of the past fiscal year, and when children’s sports teams wrap up with ceremonial trophies and medals. Let’s take a look at a few of the special awards that we’ll be helping our customers create in the coming months.

AwardsFor Children

Here at Signs, Plaques and More, we believe in the value of presenting someone a trophy, and there’s no place where that is more important than on the soccer and baseball fields. Last year, Today wrote an article defending the participation trophy. While some parents think that giving each child a trophy for showing up is teaching them that they don’t have to work hard to win, Today says that honoring a commitment to show up and play at each game should be honored in each team member. We agree.

Other places that you might see some of our handiwork include school athletic or club competitions, where children compete against one another in battles of the mind, such as Future Problem Solving of America. Of course, there’s the big competition among scouting-age boys – the Cub Scouts’ Pinewood Derby event!

For Adults

Since you can’t exactly give everyone in your office building a participation trophy for showing up during the last fiscal year, consider SurePayroll’s method of awarding trophies and plaques to unique fields of competition, like the Best New Mistake of the previous year. Your company is built on and thrives from innovation, and any good business person knows that there cannot be innovation without mistakes. SurePayroll’s president says in a recent article, “Mistakes are the tuition you pay for success.” So each year, the company gathers and nominates themselves for Best New Mistake. Winners receive cash prizes, and are reminded to keep innovating and not be afraid of making mistakes.

Companies that are planning spring retreats or team-building getaways have also a perfect opportunity to honor members of their staff members who have been with the company for a number of years, or who have contributed greatly to its success. Rather than just a speech, consider a custom-made plaque, crystal or acrylic award as recognition for their efforts and contributions.

If any of these awards sound like something you might be interested in giving out on your child’s soccer field or at the office, contact us today for information on customization and pricing. We have a wide range of awards, trophies, plaques and more – just as our name implies! – and we’re sure to have a great option for you. Give us a call at 757-463-5430 and let’s discuss your idea today!