Reward Golfers with Great Award Trophies

Golf AwardsEvery winter you might find a few dedicated souls out on the golf course, but for the most part, golf is a summer sport. While it’s always fun to go out and play with family or friends, there are also a number of tournaments that lure players out during the summer months, as well.

These include tournaments for charity, club or organization championships, and, of course, the occasional corporate challenge. One of the best ways to add extra fun and prestige to these tournaments is to offer winning golfers or teams an elegant plaque or trophy.

At Signs, Plaques and More, we’ve made trophies and other special awards since 1989. We have a deep and diverse catalog that can help you find the perfect award for your event. Not only can we create a stunning trophy for your tournament’s winner, we can make awards for a number of different categories as well.

How about a trophy for the longest drive of the day? Or what about an award for closest to the pin on a short par 3? You could even give a joking commemorative plaque to the golfer who hit the most balls in the water during the round in honor of all his or her lost golf balls.

We work closely with clients in a wide array of endeavors, including businesses, schools, clubs, churches and community organizations, and golf trophies tend to be some of our most popular at this time of year. That’s probably since golf is such a challenging sport, so it’s fun to take a few moments to recognize those that played it well during a given round.

So before your next big golf tournament or event, give us a call to find the right trophies or awards for your group. Not only will it add some extra excitement to the day, it will give the winner something to take home they can be proud of. Learn more or discuss your options with us by calling 757-463-5430 today!