Thanksgiving Fun and Trophies

We don’t know about you, but our families tend to get a little competitive during the holidays. Whether there’s a flag football game going on or a friendly pie-baking contest, there’s always discussion around the table about winning the title of “best.” So this holiday season here at Signs, Plaques and More, we say embrace it and make it fun!

Thanksgiving AwardsIf your family loves to play a few games of football while the turkey finishes roasting, you can create a slew of custom trophies to celebrate the occasion. The youngest cousin of the family can take home the MVP trophy, while the uncle who scored the most touchdowns can take home the “Most Yards Run” plaque to hang back at home. You can make signs for the winning team to take home, or get a trophy that you battle for each Thanksgiving. The winning team gets bragging rights and can display the trophy for the rest of the year – until next November’s rematch, of course! You can even customize the trophies or plaques with your family name.

When it comes to desert, who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? Why not host a baking contest among the relatives and give the lucky winner the prize plaque to celebrate their pie-baking skills. Plus, everyone will have a blast taste testing all the delicious deserts, so everybody wins!

And we can’t forget about the host: for the man or woman who always hosts Thanksgiving dinner, don’t they deserve a “Best Host” award? You can customize a plaque to read anything you want, and then give the gift once the dinner table has been cleaned up. Have everyone sign a card and write a favorite memory of Thanksgiving hosted by Best Hosts and display it with the plaque!

The possibilities are endless with our plaques, signs and trophies. Learn more about the different options for your special awards online, or call us at 757-463-5430. The holidays are coming up fast, so call soon to get the unique award you need to celebrate the season!